About Fair Go Finance

If you really want a fair go, if you really want to go forward to greater financial security and future prosperity with people who are passionately there for you, you’ve come to the right place.

“Fair Go Finance was born out of a simple vision - to be there for those who couldn’t get a fair go from other loan providers – those looking for someone who would genuinely listen and do their very best to help them go forward.” Paul Walshe, founder, Fair Go Finance.

Fair Go Finance isn’t your typical, online, small loan company – we’re a passionate, caring culture dedicated to helping you get much more than just a competitive short term loan.

Our real passion is partnering with you on the exciting journey to greater credit worthiness and ever-increasing financial opportunity. Our partnership with other funders who share our ‘fair go’ philosophy enables us to offer you ways to go forward that uniquely recognise your circumstances and personal needs.

It also enables us to reward those with good credit ratings with some of our industry’s most attractive loan repayment terms.

Even our application process has been designed to help you keep going forward. At every step of the application process, someone on our team is available to help you maximise your chances of success.

Please feel free to chat online or phone us anytime. Helping you get the best possible cash loan – and helping you create an empowered and prosperous future – is our sole purpose!

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 Our heartbeat comes from our dedicated team who are passionate about helping you go forward.

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Meet our Managing Director

Meet Our Managing Director Paul Walshe

Paul Walshe

Managing Director and Founder of Fair Go Finance

Being able to help customers achieve their goals and financial potential helps drive me every day. Fair Go Finance continues to help many people move forward, from fixing their credit rating to successful IVF treatment. Such incredible achievements and stories motivate me even further in helping improve the lives of our customers.