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Helping everyday Australians with fast personal loans 

At Fair Go Finance we're committed to providing you with all the information and tools you need so you can confidently go forward with your personal loan application. Plus, we've made our online application quick and easy to fill out, which means getting a same day personal loan has never been easier.

To start, are you looking for between $500 and $10,000? If you are, we'll be able to look at your situation and credit history to work out the best way forward.

No matter where you're located in Australia, whether you need a secured or unsecured loan, we’re ready and waiting. Our application process is completely online and we are confident we have the best priced small loans in Australia!

At Fair Go Finance you'll experience a simple and easy process. You'll be listened to and be given support whenever you may need it. Plus, you'll be provided with ongoing education and rewards, all of which form our genuine "Fair Go" promise to you. Go forward with us today! 

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What is a personal loan? 

A personal loan is a much smaller loan than a mortgage and can help you finance all types of personal needs or expenses.

Maybe you’re looking for a loan to help with a holiday, some new furniture or even a new car.  Perhaps it's for more practical reasons, such as paying a rental bond, consolidating debts or to help with general unexpected expenses like fixing your car or an unplanned vet bill

Because personal loans are a smaller type of loan, they are taken over a shorter term. At Fair Go Finance, the term will depend on how much you want to borrow and your affordability.

Our shortest term is 3 months and our longest personal loan term is 3 years. If you tried out our loan slider above, you would have seen what your repayments and loan term could be. The chart below also helps explain our different loan sizes and loan terms that we can offer. 

Small Loans Medium Loans Large Loans
Under $2,000        $2,001 - $5,000 $5,001 - $10,000
Repayments over 3 - 12 months      Repayments over 3 - 24 months Repayments up to 3 years

So whether it’s a goal, a dream or a helping hand, we’re pretty sure we’ve got every personal need covered. Check out our range of loans below to see which loan type best suits your need. We offer: 

Whether you’re looking for personal loans for bad credit, or simply need money fast and want a quick and easy loan, let Fair Go Finance support you so you can go forward!

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    Staff were polite, considerate and genuine and did their best to ensure that I received the right service.

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    Fantastic service. You gave me a fair go when I needed it so you truly live up to your name. Eternally grateful that I found you. 

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    Service, advice and helpfulness. You make me feel like a human being as opposed to just another customer. It is really good service.

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    Excellent staff who are more than happy to try to accommodate your needs.

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    Quick, polite, responsible lending practices, Fair Go by name and Fair Go by nature.

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    Easy process, open to everyone and was a good experience

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    Ease of application process and the personal attention from someone in Australia.

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    Easy to deal, you make sure a manageable amount is offered

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    It's in your name FAIR GO that's why I come back.

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    Easy company to deal with, great experience from start to finish. I myself would use Fair Go Finance again. 

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    Everybody I have dealt with have been just exceptional. Customer service is amazing

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What should I look for in a personal loan? 

It's very important that when you are looking for a personal loan, you make sure the loans are provided by a responsible lender, like us!

A responsible lender will always ensure your best interests are their priority, which means they will only offer you a loan if it is affordable for you and meets your needs. 

To check this, look at their website and make sure they are transparent about all their costs, declare they are committed to you as a responsible lender, provide lots of useful and informative information, and respond to you if you contact them with a query. 

You'll find that Fair Go Finance ticks all of these boxes. So, is there anything else you could check before considering applying for a personal loan?

Yes, there still is! Here are a few more things we recommend you do:

How much can I borrow on a personal loan?

This is different for everyone and is determined by your eligibility, affordability and your credit rating.

It's a good idea to look at your bank statements and create a budget, as this will help you see how much money you have left over each month that could be put towards a personal loan repayment. 

At Fair Go Finance, you can borrow from $500 up to $10,000. 

If you already know how much you want to borrow, use our loan slider (if you haven't already!) to get an idea of what your repayments could be and then ask yourself if you'd be able to comfortably manage this repayment each month.

If you know you can afford it and you've checked your eligibility, then it sounds like you're ready to apply!

How do I apply for a personal loan? 

At Fair Go Finance we’ve made it as easy as possible to apply for a same day personal loan.

Use our loan slider to select your loan amount, click the green "GO" button, and complete our simple and quick application which is 100% online.

In as little as 5 minutes, you can have the application completed and you’ll have an indicative answer as to whether your loan is conditionally approved or not. How good is that!

If you're conditionally approved, all that's left to do is provide any details you may not have been able to give during the application.

One of our dedicated lending consultants will then complete your assessment and if everything's okay, your personal loan funds will be transferred directly into your bank account that same day.

So if you would like a fast personal loan with quick and efficient service, and friendly people to talk to, you’ve come to the right place!

Choose Fair Go Finance for your personal loan needs because: 

Go forward with us and begin your financial journey today!


"My application was easy, the consultants were extremely friendly and i had my funds within 24 hours."

Kristen, January 2017