Refinance or consolidate your personal loans with Fair Go Finance

When you apply for a debt consolidation loan with us, we understand you’ve got a few loans or debts you’d like to roll into one so you can make things nice and simple.

We’ve got a variety of loan options ranging from $500 to $10,000. Your credit history will help determine how much you can borrow, so depending on your situation you may need to start small. Then by making your repayments on time you can build up towards a better credit rating and be able to borrow more. So even if your credit score is less than perfect, we may still be able to help you with a consolidation loan for bad credit.

With us, it’s all about moving forward together and helping guide you every step of the way!

Larger loans. Longer terms. Better rates!

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  • What is a debt consolidation loan used for?

    If you have multiple loans and you’re struggle to stay on top of all your repayments or if you’ve got a bad credit rating, then a debt consolidation loan can help. By rolling all your outstanding loans into a debt consolidation loan, you can manage your loan with one easy monthly repayment.

    A debt consolidation loan can help simplify lots of outstanding debts into one manageable loan. This can include debts such as:

    • Store loans
    • School fees and education expenses
    • Credit cards
    • Outstanding bills and accounts
    • Unexpected expenses

Applying for an online debt consolidation loan is easy and it only takes 5 minutes

  • We Are Online: So you can apply from anywhere in Australia, at any time!
  • We Are Paperless: Our online application process is easy and quick – which means we can help, fast! You don’t even need to get your pen out, just e-mail us some info and you’re on your way.
  • We Are Friendly: You may only see us on a screen, but we have a huge heartbeat which comes from our dedicated team, eager to offer a hand and help you go forward!
  • We Are Quick: We’re committed to processing your loan as fast as possible. You’ll have access to our customer portal so you can track your application and, if approved, we’ll transfer your funds that same day!
  • What are the benefits of a debt consolidation loan?

    A Lower Repayment

    Generally, you can reduce the total monthly amount you need to pay and improve you cash flow simply by rolling all your debts into one. This is a major benefit, especially if you need surplus cash to manage your day to day life.

    It’s Easier to Manage

    It’s much easier to budget when you only have one repayment to look after. Just ensure you make your payment on time – every time! Direct debits can definitely help with this.

    Less Chance of Default

    With only one reduced payment to manage, this should help prevent you from missing or defaulting on the loan. This means your credit report can avoid negative listings. Plus, this can help improve your bad credit score if you make your payments on time.

    Ready to make your life simpler? Apply online for a debt consolidation loan now!

Keeping debt consolidation loans clear and simple!

Ready to go forward with a consolidation loan?

If you’re looking to consolidate your loans, you’re welcome to complete our easy online application. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete and once you hit submit, our tech platform will immediately confirm if you’re on track with a conditional offer letter (subject to some final checks.)

Give us a call on 1300 324 746 or instant message us if you have any queries at all.

Are you reading this outside our business hours? You can still call and leave a message or contact us with any queries, and we’ll reply as soon as we’re back at work!

Are you eligible to apply?


It can be expensive to borrow small amounts of money and borrowing may not solve your money problems.

Check your options before you borrow:
For more information about other options for managing bills and debts, ring 1800 007 007 from anywhere in Australia to talk to a free and independent financial counsellor.

Talk to your electricity, gas, phone or water provider to see if you can work out a payment plan.
If you are on government benefits, ask if you can receive an advance from Centrelink.

The Australian Government’s MoneySmart Website shows you how small amount loans work and suggests other options that may help you.

* This statement is an Australian Government requirement under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009.