Spring has sprung which means not only do the poor allergy sufferers get a beating but it is also the most successful time to sell your house! If you want to sell your place and get as much as you can, try our 5 top cheap kerb appeal tricks to get those buyers through your door!

Give your driveway some TLC

When did you last look properly at your driveway? It generally takes up a large proportion of your front yard, so if it has grease stains, cracks, weeds growing or just looks like it hasn’t had a good scrub for ages, it’s time for some love. You may need to go to a hardware store for certain stain removal agents or some filler for the cracks, but overall there should be minimal cost. Get the hose ready and the elbow grease working and you will be amazed at how pretty your driveway can be!

Jazz up your mailbox

If you have neglected your mailbox to the point it is just a rusted, slanting eyesore it doesn’t make someone feel confident you can look after the bigger version behind it – your house! Letterboxes can range dramatically in cost, but the main thing for you if you are selling is getting one that suits your house and it looks fresh and inviting. If that’s outside the budget just consider replacing your house number with something new and creative so the buyer is drawn to the number rather than the tired letterbox it’s stuck on.

Consider a transplant

An obvious requirement to spruce your kerb appeal is to make sure your garden is neat, pruned and presentable. If you think a house that has weeds growing a foot tall will draw in the buyers then you are some crazy cat! Once you have done a good days work pruning, mowing, edging, weeding and removing any dead growth take a step back and see if there is any room for a transplant. This really is a great idea if you have a sensational plant out the back that can be moved successfully to the front. Don’t forget, over 70% of seeking home buyers will judge a house by first impressions, so if your front is looking drab the likelihood is they will just cross it off the list without bothering coming inside for a look.

Invite the buyers in for a drink

There’s nothing more relaxing and inviting than seeing a lovely comfy chair or small table and chair beckoning you to sit down and have a drink! If your front has an area perfect for a chair, then get it out there! Make sure it’s got a fresh cushion on it and is removed of cobwebs and dust, and a nice home magazine on the table will add that special touch that says to the buyer, “this house is well looked after!”

Get rid of the ugly!

Nothing says “I am not looked after very well” more than dirty damaged rubbish bins and doormats that look like they have been chewed by ravenous animals! Remember that prospective buyers will be doing drive bys so you need to have your kerb appeal done and maintained the entire time. You will need to get a temporary new location for your unsightly rubbish bins and make sure your hose/watering cans/garden tools/kids toys are neatly put away. If you have still got that ratty looking doormat at the front door invest in a new impressive one – remember you get to take it with you when you sell!!!

We hope your find these cheap tricks of great benefit! Even if you aren’t necessarily selling up, maybe consider just giving your place a nice kerb make over – you know you want to! If you are worried about any of the cost, just do your budget and research and if need be, come to Fair Go Finance for a cash loan. Our cash loans range from $500 to $10,000 and can be used for any personal purpose. So if you really want to put mulch in the garden before the hot summer arrives, get a new table and chairs or even replace that front door, we are here to help!

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