Fed up with the cost of food and grocery items and desperately want to get that weekly spend down? We hear you! That’s why we want you to try our fantastic “Brand-Shift” challenge and see just how you can cut your costs cleverly! So write that shopping list, don’t deviate from it and follow our 5 steps to get your supermarket spend down.

1. Drop Down To The Next Cheapest Item

Do you always buy Rosella Tomato Sauce just out of habit? Well, most of us have formed this type of habit and we are not taking into account the cheaper varieties available. What you must do next time you shop is purposely buy the brand cheaper than you usually buy. If you are happy with the product and can’t notice much or any difference, use it all and then when you need to replace it, go for the next cheaper label and so on. This can save you big bucks over a year. Supermarkets are also very clever in placing the most profitable of their products at your eye level, so make sure you look up high and down low!

2. Do The Blind Test

This is particularly important with the other members of your house that insist on a particular brand. Remember that you are meant to eat food, not look at it, so do some blind testing with those family doubters and just see if they really can tell the difference or if it is all in their brand-marketed brain! As for cleaning and beauty products, we understand those teenagers in particular can be very brand conscious. So if they insist on a certain shampoo bottle, that’s fine….just buy a cheaper shampoo and transfer it into the empty bottle…and see if they notice!

3. Still Take The Promotions!

If one of the more expensive brands in on special, then by all means take it if it is one you like! You still need to shop wisely so keep an eye out for those weekly specials that you may benefit from. If you struggle to compare, all supermarkets are now meant to have a standard cost per unit provided under the price. So if something costs $1.05 per 100g and another is $1.45 per 100g then this is what you should be looking at and going for the cheaper. Don’t look at the $7.88 price versus $7.25 because often the packages are different sizes (so the $1.05 per 100g was in a 750g packet while the $1.45 per 100g was in a 500g packet.) This is clever marketing so don’t get fooled.

 4. Shift Supermarkets

In Australia we have the big chains of Coles, Woolworths, IGA and Aldis. If you have always preferred one supermarket to the other then it’s time to be daring and try the cheaper ones out. If they offer online shopping then consider trying this too, and this will prevent you doing any extra purchases out of impulse.

5. Take the “Buy One Get One Free” specials

But if the following is true;

  • You do need the product
  • If it has a use by date, you are sure you will use it all
  • You have still compared others to make sure it is the cheapest option

By doing these steps you will definitely start saving money on your supermarket spend. We understand that shopping can be incredibly expensive, especially for special occasions. At Fair Go Finance we offer small cash loans from $500 for such a purpose, so come and learn more about our fast cash loans or apply for an instant cash loan today. (Oh, and by the way, don’t ever shop when you are hungry, you will always buy more than you intend to!)

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