Bad Credit Car Loan in Asquith, NSW

Jane really wanted to stand on her own two feet and get her own car. The problem was she had been a bit naughty when she was younger and now had a bad credit rating. She knew most lenders would not give her a loan because of her bad conduct of previous credit contracts, so she applied for a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance.  Her credit history was taken into account and Fair Go Finance approved her loan. 

Jane said, ”If someone needs to restore their credit rating then you guys are the way to do that. I am paying for being a spoilt brat when I was younger, and this way I am rebuilding my credit rating and paying my own bills without ringing my family – it’s been brilliant for me!”

A bad credit loan is a personal loan offered to customers with a “bad credit rating.” Fair Go Finance offers unsecured bad credit loans up to $3000 and secured bad credit loans up to $10,000. To get a current copy of your credit file you can go to Equifax Australia website where you can arrange a free copy of your credit history. Looking for a car loan with bad credit? Come and learn about our car loans today.

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"Outstanding customer service!"

Darren, November 2016