Bad Credit Loan for a Lounge in the A.C.T.

Christina, from Kingston, needed a new lounge but didn’t have enough savings and knew she had a default on her credit report. She did an online search to find out who could provide her with a bad credit loan.  Fair Go Finance was one of the first companies that showed up on her Google search, so she completed the easy online application and had a reply within minutes!

Christina told us, “Fair Go were the only people to give me a chance. I only had one default which was paid off after I started working again, however no one else was willing to give me a loan due to this one default.”   Christine went on to say, “I am working a full time job as a soldier with a good salary however no other company would give me a loan. Fair Go accepted my application, which I am very grateful for, and the funds were in my bank account the next morning after being approved – extremely quick!”

When you obtain a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance it enables you to establish a good repayment history and help get your credit report back on track.   

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"Very helpful and friendly!"

Andrew, November 2016