Bad credit loan for medical expenses in Frankston, Victoria

When you have no other option but to declare bankruptcy, it is a very hard thing to do. Many people have no other option available at the time, and must prepare themselves that the next 7 years may be particularly hard, especially if you need a loan. Lee, from Frankston, who had declared bankruptcy over 2 years ago, was suddenly faced with huge medical expenses that she didn't have the cash to cover. She needed to find a lender that offered bad credit loans to people who had declared bankruptcy in the past. Fortunately she was referred to Fair Go Finance by a broker, and successfully obtained a bad credit loan without needing any security.

When we asked Lee how she found dealing with Fair Go Finance, she told us, “I got excellent customer service and promptness to my needs. Personally I was really happy with the service – well done and thanks!”

A bad credit loan is a personal loan offered to customers who have a “bad credit rating” from such things like defaults listed on their credit report, had previously been in a debt agreement or have declared bankruptcy in the past. Fair Go Finance offers unsecured bad credit loans up to $3,000 and secured bad credit loans up to $10,000.  

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"Quick. Friendly. Understanding call staff. You are not made to feel small or unworthy as you can do at banks or other places."

Lynn, January 2016