Bad credit loan in South Australia for vet bill

David, of Elizabeth Grove, S.A, was faced with a number of large vet bills after his pet needed a lot of treatment. He didn’t have enough in savings and was concerned that his previous bankruptcy many years earlier was going to prevent him from getting a loan. Through word of mouth he was recommended to try Fair Go Finance. Because Fair Go Finance was an online lender and didn’t have a shop front, he was a little cautious, but decided to apply given the good feedback he had been provided. He was pleasantly surprised with how easy the online application was, and how quickly his loan was approved. 

David told us, if he had to give Fair Go Finance a score out of ten then “I would give it a 10! I definitely would recommend you to a friend as Fair Go has been amazing and easy to use!” David went on to say, “At first I was worried, as I usually am, but after speaking to someone online and also over the phone, my worries were put to rest. Fantastic experience!”

At Fair Go Finance, we offer personal loans to people with clear credit as well as to people who have got anything negative on their credit report such as defaults and even bankruptcy. Fair Go Finance offers unsecured bad credit loans up to $3,000 and secured bad credit loans up to $10,000. Learn more about our bad credit loans to help you more forward to a brighter financial future. 

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"Staff were helpful during my application process- I desperately needed cash and I wasn't made to feel bad about asking for a loan."

Sara, February 2017