Cash Loan in Ayr, QLD for Shooping

Susan, in QLD, wanted to do some big shopping but didn't want to use her existing credit card and certainly didn't want to apply for another one. She decided a cash loan was her best option, so that she could make easy set payments and pay it off comfortably. Susan applied for an instant cash loan with Fair Go Finance using the online application process, and was given a conditional approval within minutes! 

“Great friendly staff and a quick response!” said Susan, when we asked her what she thought of the process.

The benefits of getting a cash loan instead of a credit card are:

  • The repayments are fixed for the entire loan so you can budget each month
  • Because it’s a loan, you can’t keep redrawing from it and risk getting out of control
  • It will be paid out over a short convenient timeframe
  • Once you have had a few loans with Fair Go Finance you are eligible for our Mates Rates program, which rewards you for being a good customer!

Come and learn more about our fast cash loans and how they may help you move forward.   

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"Excellent customer service and prompt application process."

Narelle, November 2016