Debt Consolidation Loan in Brighton, QLD

Robert, from QLD, had a few small debts he decided would be easier to manage if he rolled them all into one “easy to manage” loan. It would mean that rather than having to make lots of small repayments at different times of the month, he could just have one simple monthly payment instead.

Robert applied for a loan with Fair Go Finance, and had his instant conditional approval as soon as he hit the “submit” button on his application. After providing a few more details his loan was formally approved and he had the money transferred into his account so he could pay out all the small debts he had accumulated.

“The customer service was excellent and all my queries were answered!” Robert told us, when we asked what he thought of the process.

What are the benefits of a consolidation loan with Fair Go Finance? 

  • You will get an instant outcome;
  • You will instantly be given an indication of the loan and repayment amounts;
  • The funds will be instantly transferred to your nominated account following final approval.

If you would like to simplify your life and consolidate some small outstanding debts, why not consider applying for a loan with Fair Go Finance and consolidate your debts into one? Come and learn more about our debt consolidation loans and how they may help you move forward to a brighter financial future.  

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"Very helpful and friendly!"

Andrew, November 2016