Debt Consolidation Loan in NSW

It’s easy to suddenly end up with lots of little loans all over the place. It becomes harder to keep on top of all the different payments and due dates, and can create all types of headaches! For Caterina, in Northmead, NSW, she had a number of loans and bills she just wanted to clear, so she decided she wanted a debt consolidation loan. Caterina decided to apply for a cash loan with Fair Go Finance to help her clear all her outstanding debts. After a quick online application, she received an instant conditional approval. She provided the requested outstanding items and before she knew it the money was in her account.

Caterina said in her testimonial to us, “You gave fantastic service! My loan was speedy to arrange and receive. The people I spoke to were very friendly and informative.”  

 The Benefits of a debt consolidation loan with Fair Go Finance are:

▪       You only have to worry about one payment instead of numerous ones.

▪       By adding all your loans together, you can actually reduce your monthly payments.

▪       You can protect your credit rating

Learn more about how a Fair Go Finance debt consolidation loan can help you. If you would like to understand more about what a debt consolidation loan is, please read our blog article about them by clicking here.  


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"Although I had fallen in hard times in the past, they were willing to look past that & give me a Fair Go. Friendly service & nice people to talk to. Thanks guys and girls!"

Daniel, February 2016