Fast cash loan for education expenses

Needing an education cash loan, Susan jumped online and completed the cash loan online application. As soon as she had submitted the application she instantly was told on the screen that the loan was conditionally approved. Instantly knowing she had the loan conditionally approved was a great comfort and after faxing the necessary documents to confirm her details, she was provided her formal approval.

Susan told us: “I found the staff to be helpful and polite – a big thank you!”

Fair Go Finance offers cash loans from $500 to $10,000 for a wide range of personal reasons. Many clients of Fair Go Finance apply for a cash loan to pay for university, education and school fees as well as education extras such as uniforms, books and laptops. Cash loans at Fair Go Finance are catered to those with good and bad credit.

Been thinking about going back to school?  Want to upskill or need some expensive training?  Check out our education loans for all things education related.

Ready to go forward with an education loan? 

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"No hassle, stress free friendly service!"

Paul, January 2017