Fast personal loan for someone with an imperfect credit history, VIC

Andrea, in Victoria, needed a fast personal loan to accommodate her financial situation.

Andrea didn’t have a perfect credit history so she applied with Fair Go Finance and got approved for the fast personal loan that she needed. Fair Go Finance caters for people with good and bad credit. So if you have a ‘bad credit history’ you can still apply with us for a fast personal loan. For more information about our bad credit loans.

Andrea told us; “ Fair Go Finance really lives up to its name and give us battlers a chance where no one else would. Your staff went out their way to be of help and this was much appreciated.”

If you have an imperfect credit history learn more about our personal loans for people with good or bad credit and how they may be able to help you move forward. 

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"Very helpful and friendly!"

Steve, January 2017