Found a car but need a car loan?

Found a car but need a car loan? Generally that’s how it works….at Fair Go Finance we help hundreds of Aussies who need a car loan whether they are credit impaired, have had too many enquiries on their credit report, are on workers compensation or simply just want a fast car loan! 

Jayne, from Deniliquin, was so happy when she got her car loan through us as Fair Go Finance, she just simply said, “Great communication!” when we asked her about her experience with us.

Secured personal loans at Fair Go Finance are for people who are looking for a car loan or motorbike loan or need funds for any personal purpose and own an unencumbered vehicle that can be used as security. You can borrow from $500 - $10,000 or even more if you have clear credit.  Benefits of a personal loan with Fair Go Finance:  

  • Loan applications take as little as five minutes online
  • Conditional approval is provided instantly (upon completion of application)
  • Funds are transferred instantly and appear in your bank account within 24 hours (upon approval of application)
  • Flexible repayment terms designed to suit your individual circumstances

  Come and learn more about our secured personal loans and how they may help you move forward. 

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"Amazing customer service!"

Arshileigha , January 2017