Fun holiday ideas for Spring! Part 2

Here are some fun ideas to unleash your Spring cheer! Part 2

So how did your last week go? Did you try out any of our Part 1 Spring suggestions? We hope so! One thing we didn’t consider last week was if the weather decided to be miserable….what then? Don’t fret; tip 4 is here to save the day!

4. Raining?? Do the “SSS” – splash, sip and sit! – COST – free!

All you need for this one is a little organisation. Once you get prepared this will definitely be one for the memory banks! Firstly, make sure you have got the ingredients to make a delicious hot chocolate or yummy soup and have got a great DVD on hand. Next put some towels by the front door. Now, tell the kids to put on their wellington boots and rain jackets – your going puddle hunting! Yes, every kid loves to jump in puddles, so why not get out in the thick of it and get totally saturated! Jump and splash to your hearts content and then when you are all frozen head home for the next stage! Use the towels by the door to get the worst off and then jump in a hot shower or bath – divine! Rug up in some cosy clothes, sip some delicious hot chocolate or soup and now sit on the couch and watch a great DVD – a perfect wet day experience!

5. Cruise or drive to a winery – COST – boat ticket or petrol and lunch in Australia we are blessed with an abundance of wineries!

Even if you don’t particularly like wine, why not go for a scenic boat cruise or relaxing drive so you can take in the blooming flowers, (meant in a nicest way!) be surrounded by lush grape vines and dine on a delicious lunch! If you have ankle biters then there are still plenty of wineries that accommodate for kids with play equipment areas and kids meals…(or just leave them with the G-Parents!!!)

So good luck with entertaining yourselves over the Spring Season and here is a little ditty to get those spring smiles spreading (especially for those of you who like the races!) Michael arrived at work after having a weekend at the spring races. Paul asked, “How did you go?” Michael replied, “Well, I put $20 on a horse and he came in at twenty five to one”- Paul whistled in amazement and said, “Wow – you must be loaded!” Michael replied, “Not really, the other horses came in at 12.30!” Happy Spring Everyone!!!!

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