Fun ideas for Spring holidays for all budgets! part 1

Yes, Spring has finally arrived! Birds are singing, flowers are blooming, punters are buzzing with excitement for the upcoming spring carnival, and of course the kids are bouncing with enthusiasm as the school holidays are here! The big question is…how can you keep everyone in the house happy during this time? Please read on over the next two weeks to find some great Spring ideas for all budgets!

1. Pack a picnic lunch, a cricket set and head to the beach! – COST – free!

This is a tried but true outdoor activity that is always a winner. You have got the sun, sea, surf, sport and sandwiches! Make it even bigger and better by inviting a few other families along and actually have a test series competition! There’s only one thing you must remember to do – the ol’ slip, slop and slap – that sun can be HOT in Spring!

2. Dress up and head to the racecourse! – COST – entry fee plus punting/refreshments

This can either be a family day out or just some time out with your mates. All of the racecourses in Australia are well equipped to host the serious punter, the novice or just a fun family day out. Think of the fashion, the betting (if you want to), food and entertainment. Families rarely get all tizzied up – so why not make sure you take some great happy snaps whilst you’re there and when you get home make sure you frame one as a great keep sake!

3. Get the spring-cleaning done and then head to the Royal Show – COST – entry fee plus rides/show bags/food – actually watch out!!!

No, don’t worry, it’s not actually you that has to do the spring-cleaning – it’s the kids! All kids love the Royal Show so why not use it to your complete advantage and bribe them by making a list of spring-cleaning tasks they must complete before you will take them? You can sit back with an icy cold beverage and watch the kids slave over things like washing and detailing the car, dusting, cleaning their bedrooms, cooking dinner, doing the dishes….- the list can be endless!!!! Even take them on the same day so they are that exhausted they won’t want to run around at full throttle – works a treat!

Next week please come back to see the “SSS” suggestion and more! See you then spring lovers!  

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