How to make your house the scariest this Halloween!

On the 31st October, be prepared…be VERY prepared! Yes, it will be Halloween, so if you want your place to be forever remembered as the scariest (and coolest!) to trick or treat at, then here are 5 great ways to get started!

1.  Eye balls and brains anyone?

For that extra sensory experience, before you greet your visitors, get two bowls, and fill one with cold spaghetti and the other with peeled grapes. Cover them with old fabric and have a small split on the top where the trick or treater’s must put their hands in and correctly guess whether its brains or eye balls!

 2. A ghostly presence everywhere….

Grab all those empty drink bottles, milk bottles etc. and make each one into a mini ghost to be placed all around the entire front of your house. Grab an old white sheet and cut up into small pieces that will fit over the bottles and mark with black spots for eyes and mouth. If you want them to look even more ghostly, for each one, grab a craft pipe cleaner and loop the middle around the neck of the bottle, so the ends can poke out wide and give your ghosts a more haunting look!

 3. Give the head a body!

If pumpkins are cheap, why not go the whole hog when it comes to the having a jack o lantern welcome your guests! Similar to the body of a snowman, put the largest one at the bottom, second largest in the middle and of course your scary glowing head on top! Use something like dowel to press down through them to ensure they all stay together, and if you are that extra bit creative, dress them up!

 4. It's not Halloween without spiders!

Especially for all those “arachnophobes” out there! Make lots of nasty large spiders simply from foam balls painted black and black pipe cleaners as long hairy legs. Put them all over the ground, some hanging from the roof, and for those guests you really want to give a fright – call out “catch” and throw one at them when they arrive!

5. Don't just make it looks scary – Make it sound scary too!

There are now many Halloween themed music pieces that you can buy online and download to make sure those guests are scared even before they get to your front door! They don’t cost much, but these extra spooky noises are bound to give your trick or treaters an added dimension of fear!  We hope these simple and thrifty ideas will add that extra scariness to your haunted house! Happy Halloween Every…..body!   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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