Need an unsecured loan but don’t want a credit card?

Well, look no more! At Fair Go Finance we can offer unsecured loans up to $3000 for any personal reason. Anthony, from Seaford in Victoria, was in search of an unsecured loan because his cash flow was struggling to keep up with all of his expenses. Anthony went online and discovered Fair Go Finance.  He filled in the quick online application and it moved from conditional approved to formal approval just by Anthony providing a few more pieces of information.

 So what did Anthony like the most about the whole process? He told us, “The absolute efficiency in which the application process was managed and also the personal touch!”

The Benefits of Getting an Unsecured Loan Instead of a Credit Card Are:

  • The repayments are fixed for the entire loan so you can budget each month
  • Because it’s a loan, you can’t keep redrawing from it and risk getting out of control
  • It will be paid out over a short convenient timeframe
  • Once you have had a few loans with Fair Go Finance you are eligible for our Mates Rates program, which rewards you for being a good client!

Do you need an unsecured loan ? Why not get a pre-approval NOW! 

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"Easy to apply with no hassle. Friendly staff!"

Garry, November 2016