Personal car loan in NSW

Jason, from Dee Why in NSW, wanted to buy a car. He needed to get a personal car loan to help pay for it, so instantly he knew that he would apply for a loan through Fair Go Finance.

Why Fair Go Finance? Firstly, because Jason had used us before and had been very happy with the whole experience, and secondly, because he knew Fair Go Finance rewarded repeat customers through their Mates Rates loyalty program.

“As a repeat customer, I just needed to update my details and I got a loan the same day at a decent interest rate” Jason confirmed to us when we asked why he came back.

If you are in the market for a car loan, then why not consider Fair Go Finance? We can lend you from $500 - $10,000 if you have had bad credit, and if you have clean credit we can help you too! Tell us what you want and we can actually match you to a lender that we have on our panel if you want more than $10,000, so why not try us? Come and learn more about our car loans.  And if you are looking for a larger car loan we can help you with this too! 

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"Quick. Friendly. Understanding call staff. You are not made to feel small or unworthy as you can do at banks or other places."

Lynn, January 2016