Plan your move - With time it could save you $$

Are you planning to move house? If so, we have done a lot of research and recommend you plan well ahead. Why? Here’s our top 5 reasons why being organised in advance will help save you money.

1. With time you can get savings in place

Our recent #makemovinghappen survey revealed over 41% of Aussies decide to move between 1 day and 4 weeks. Without having savings in place, this short-time frame can cause you to struggle to cover all the expenses such as bond, upfront rent, moving costs and possible furniture purchases. By planning your move in advance, you can work out what your upcoming costs will be and start saving towards them, rather than having to apply for a bond loan or use credit.  

2. With time you can find the most suitable place and possibly arrange to share

Being pressured to find a place quickly can result in you choosing something more expensive and not quite suitable. Give yourself time to choose a place and if viable, consider the possibility of sharing with someone so that your rent can be shared.  

3. With time you can negotiate removal costs

Our survey revealed that the second biggest expense for Aussies was moving costs. If you need to use a removalist, many companies will offer discounts if booked well in advance and they also may have a cheaper rate for off-peak times such as during the week. Another great cost saver is to enlist your friends to help move, but this again requires you to be very organised and lock in the date in advance.

4. With time you can find budget furniture

Another interesting survey finding was that the biggest moving expense for Aussies was furniture. On average $880 was spent. Many people who move quickly also buy furniture quickly, and end up with even more debt. If you can be organised and prepared in advance for your move, you will have the time to source well priced or even free furniture – check out our blog about furniture tips.

5. With time, you won’t get stressed!

We all know that when we are rushed and disorganised – we get stressed. This can lead to eating unnecessary take-away food, drinking the wrong things, and the need for stress relief such as physio and massage. Avoid all these expenses by making sure you have plenty of time to organise your move.

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