Short Term Loan, NSW

Thirmala, in New South Wales, applied for a short term loan with Fair Go Finance to cover some personal bills.

She needed the loan quickly to pay the bills on time as she definitely wanted to avoid any late fees. A short term loan can be used to get your finances back in order. Unexpected expenses can rise up at any time and it is very common to fall behind on bills; a short term loan can assist you covering all outstanding bills, leaving you with affordable repayments over a short period of time. Thirmala got her short term loan and she was able to pay her bills.

She told us: “The loan process was fast. The staff at Fair Go Finance were courteous and professional.”

A short term personal loan with Fair Go Finance is designed to have the loan approved and repaid quickly, minimising the cost to the consumer, while also ensuring that repayments are affordably structured. Learn more about our range of personal loans and how they may be able to help you move forward whether you have good or bad credit. 

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Leah, January 2016