Should I use a personal loan for Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas is a very magical time, and we hope it will be for you too!

Unfortunately though, it can also be a time where many Aussies fall into more debt than planned, due to their overspending and impulse purchases.

So, should you use a personal loan for Christmas?

If you don't have the money saved for Christmas, but do plan to spend a little, using a personal loan can be a great solution. Plus it's definitely a better idea than hammering your credit card or getting caught out by too many Afterpay debits. 

If you are considering a personal loan, we recommend your first step is to set your entire budget first. Know exactly what you plan to spend on presents, food, decorations etc. and be sure you stick to it!

Then apply for a personal loan for that amount, and whatever you do, don't allow yourself to spend anymore!

Here are our 3 reasons why a personal loan is your best option for Christmas:

1. A personal loan can't be overdrawn or pushed outside its limits

When you take out a personal loan, it is a set amount deposited into your account. You can never use it twice, like you can a credit card limit, so you are guaranteed that by making your regular repayments it will be completely repaid.

But what about Afterpay? If you're considering using Afterpay for Christmas presents, we are guessing you will be buying more than one present! This means there is a risk of using multiple Afterpays and you could lose track of all of the different amounts to be debited, and potentially get caught out by an unexpected withdrawal.

However, if you take out just one personal loan to cover all of your budgeted expenses, it will only have one set repayment that you can easily be prepared for.

Christmas loan

2. A personal loan is checked to ensure it is affordable for you

When you apply for a personal loan through a responsible lender like ourselves, we make sure that the the personal loan repayment is affordable and manageable for you. Your repayment is fixed and locked at the same amount, for the entire term of the loan.

With credit cards, your monthly statement and minimum repayment can vary each and every month. This can make it very hard to budget, and if you are unable to clear the balance at the end of the month, then you also have to be prepared for additional charges such as interest.

Similarly, if you use multiple Afterpays, and lose track of how many you have set up, you are open to the danger of not having enough money in your account when each of the debits are processed.

What does this mean? Unfortunately you will be hit by direct debit dishonours and extra penalty charges....definitely not what you want to happen.

3. Be organised with a personal loan for Christmas, so it leaves any surplus cash for unexpected costs!

By being prepared, and budgeting for a Christmas personal loan, this will mean you can now use your remaining cash (and hopefully a Christmas bonus) for any emergencies or unexpected costs. 

If you're now thinking, "yes, I'm ready to apply for a personal loan", we have just one more great piece of news!

Right now, if you take out a personal loan with Fair Go Finance, you will be entered into our weekly draws and could win a very handy $250!

Find out more about our Christmas loan promotion here!

So, from all of us here at Fair Go Finance, we wish you, your family and friends all a very Merry Christmas! 

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