Three steps to get your bills under control with a cash loan online

Vet bills, medical expenses, unpaid fines- here are three steps to get your bill under control with a cash loan online!

If you have outstanding bills and not enough surplus cash to pay for them - do you just reach for your credit card? Most of us do! Unfortunately each time we reach for the credit card it inevitably makes it that much harder to pay off. So here are three simple steps to help you try to get back on track.

1. Add up all your small debts and outstanding/pending bills

You need to get a complete understanding of how much you really owe. Obtain your credit card payout figure, add any outstanding bills like vet, medical, rates, car servicing, absolutely anything that is coming due, and then acknowledge what the lump sum figure is.


2. Apply for a cash loan online

Now that you know how much you need to borrow, here’s what you can do next;

• Use our loan calculator to work out how much the repayments will be for that size loan.

• If you feel comfortable you can manage those repayments, then apply online with us for a cash loan.

Once you complete the online application you will find out immediately if your loan has been conditionally approved or not, and if it is, you can view your conditional loan contract immediately! Our loans are always on a fixed rate which means you can budget for the entire term of the loan and not be caught out by rate changes. We are also completely upfront with the total cost of your loan so you won’t get stung with early payout or early termination fees. If you have ever had bad credit in the past, don't worry, you may still be eligible to apply with Fair Go Finance. We are a specialist personal loan lender who is happy to consider applications even if you have had bad credit history.

3. Keep on top of your repayments

When you payout all of your outstanding bills with your cash loan, you'll now need to focus on making regular on-time payments to your loan. If you're approved for a loan, we'll help by understanding your pay cycle, and set up a direct debit from your account on the most suitable day for you. That way, you can make sure enough money is in your account on the due date. By ensuring this is done will then help you improve your credit history too.

Adopting the above steps should enable you to clear your nagging unpaid bills and give you some breathing space too. Now you hopefully can set up a savings plan to help when the next bills arrive. Try to avoid credit cards as best you can. Good luck!

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