What's better? Valentines Day or cricket?

Romance or a wicket? Dinner or a hat-trick? Movies or a six?

This year, because Valentine’s Day fell on the same day as the first ICCC match was being played between Australia and England, we asked our loyal Fair Go Finance Facebook fans, which is better? We even gave a $100 voucher prize to the most entertaining entry.

So do you want to know which one got the most votes? Wait no more….the resounding winner was…. CRICKET!!! HOWZAT!!! DO YOU AGREE??!!!!

The winning entry was from Jo Giuliani, who said, “Going OUT for TEA and DRINKS on Valentine's Day is SILLY. But watching FIRST CLASS CRICKET always BOWLS my MAIDEN and I OVER for SIX.”

A few other great entries we received were as follows: “Cricket! Nowhere else can you have a hat trick, golden duck, feather bed, donkey drop, cow shot and captain!”

“Cricket cos no hearts are broken only stumps and bails!”

“I'm a cricket fan, can't go past a game against Aussies v Pom's, but to give Valentines a fair go - I would invite mine along!

And for all those romantics out there…here is one for Valentine’s Day: “Valentine’s Day – because it’s the day we celebrate our feelings of affection for our boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives.”

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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