Where Can I Get A Debt Consolidation Loan?

It’s easy to suddenly end up with a number of small debts and to feel like you have to pay out money constantly! For Jade, from Scarborough in WA, her small debts were starting to be a nuisance and so she just wanted to roll them all into one simple debt consolidation loan.  Jade found Fair Go Finance online and saw that debt consolidation loans were one of our specialties! She wasted no time in applying online and she received her instant conditional approval within minutes of hitting the submit button! She e-mailed a few extra documents through and within two days she had the money in her account to payout all her small debts! 

“I found the service to be much better than expected and my issues were sorted instantly and my special circumstances were taken into consideration which is not normally the case with financial lenders.” Jade went on to say, “I was very impressed with the service I got and found the staff to be so helpful.”

The benefits of getting a debt consolidation loan with Fair Go Finance are:

  • The repayments are fixed for the entire loan so you can budget each month
  • Because it’s a loan, you can’t keep redrawing from it and risk getting out of control
  • It will be paid out over a short convenient timeframe
  • Once you have had a few loans with Fair Go Finance you are eligible for our Mates Rates program, which rewards you for being a good client!

Come and learn more about our debit consolidation loans and how they may help you.   

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"Easy. Got money in less than 12 hours once signed."

Meaghan, January 2016