Existing Customers

Mates Rates. Thanks for coming back!

“Mates Rates” is the name of our ongoing loyalty rewards program.

It’s our way of saying thanks for your loyalty, and to help you go forward, even faster!

So how does our loyalty program work and how can you benefit each time you return for another loan?

Read on to see how you can be continuously rewarded by Fair Go Finance!

Your First Fair Go Finance loan – Welcome!

Right from your very first loan with us, your interest rate and fees are tailored to your credit profile. This means you can be immediately rewarded based on your credit score to help minimise your borrowing costs straight away.

What if your credit score is on the lower side? Don’t be disheartened because there are ways you can improve your credit score and progress up our pricing tiers. At Fair Go Finance we also provide bad credit loans to help customers who want to repair their credit score and get back on track.

And in addition to our tiered pricing, Fair Go Finance is also one of the very first small loan lenders to implement Comprehensive Credit Reporting. This gives you the ability to actively boost your credit score simply by making your loan repayments on time – and if you move up our pricing tiers, you’re able to receive an even better rate on your second loan!

Your Second Fair Go Finance loan – It’s great to see you again!

As soon as you come back for your second loan with Fair Go Finance, your loyalty will firstly be rewarded with priority service and access to our automated express application form located in our customer portal.

This form is pre-populated with your key information, so from start to finish you’ll be amazed at how quick and easy it is to complete, with funding easily achievable that very same day!

Our loyalty program also rewards you by supporting and encouraging good loan repayment behaviour. If you managed and repaid your first loan with us successfully, your credit profile and score may again have seen enough of a boost to give you access to our next tier of pricing.

On average, we see 80% of our first loan customers achieve this step up, which not only can mean a further rate reduction, but it can also provide further eligibility to even larger loan sizes!

Your Third Fair Go Finance loan – Our fantastic friendship continues!

You will again receive our top priority service via our portal’s express application form, plus, based on your repayment conduct on your second loan, you can again enjoy another pricing tier jump!

What if you’ve already reached our very top pricing tier? Well the good news is not only are you going to enjoy one of our most competitive rates available, you can still benefit from an extra reduction on the applicable interest rate and establishment fee (eligible for our medium and larger loans from $2,250 up to $10,000.) It’s great to welcome you back for a third time and we promise there’s even more rewards to come!

Your Fourth Fair Go Finance loan (Or more!) – Besties forever!

By now you’ll be a whizz at using our customer portal and will know exactly how quick and easy it is to express apply – and how fast you can receive your funds!

Plus, on your fourth loan, you can also be eligible for another reduction on the applicable interest rate and establishment fee (eligible for our medium and larger loans from $2,250 up to $10,000) – we really are the best of friends now!

And as best friends, we’d like you to know that your ongoing loyalty and good repayment conduct really means a lot to us. Please know we are very flexible and open to tailoring alternative solutions for our very loyal customers – we’re here to listen and to help you as best we can, so you can keep going forward financially.

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