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How to keep yourself mentally fit during a pandemic

As the COVID-19 lockdown continues, it’s expected that many Australians could suffer from not being able to keep as mentally fit as they used to.

Here are some methods to help maintain your mental health during the pandemic, so you can come out feeling mentally strong when the restrictions are finally lifted.

Plan ahead

As simple as it sounds, having a daily plan through the use of a whiteboard, diary or even just a to-do list on a piece of paper, has been proven to have significant benefits in productivity and daily motivation.

Having this sense of routine and organisation is a great way to keep moving, especially if you are someone that finds it hard to fill in the day.

If you feel as though you may struggle, include activities throughout your schedule which are rewarding, such as doing online research for something you’ve been wanting to buy, or phoning a good friend. This can help motivate you to complete a less enjoyable task knowing that you can reap the benefits of your reward activity afterwards.


Not only is yoga a proven way to keep fit, catering to all levels of fitness, but the science behind Yoga has revealed the true mental and physical benefits you can achieve through regular sessions. These include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Managing depression
  • Decreasing lower back pain
  • Increased flexibility – leading to a reduction in personal injuries
  • Stimulating brain function
  • Improved quality of sleep

Limit social media / news exposure

There is a fine line that falls between paying attention to key parts in the news and soaking up every ounce of information, leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety. So it is important to have a balance of ins and outs with the information surrounding you.

One way you can reduce the constant checking is to turn off or limit notifications on your devices for parts or for an entire day if you have the capability. Doing this will limit the “ins” and hence allow your brain to process information at a more gradual rate and not overload it.

Loose yourself in a book

Amongst all of the facts and current news, it is important to have a little bit of imagination and creativity run through your mind.

Loosing yourself in a good book, a variety of books too, is a great way to keep your brain ticking away, picturing the scenes and characters depicted from a book’s description.

According to a study on ways to reducing stress levels, it was found that stress levels dropped 68% after reading a book for 6 minutes, which actually trumped listening the music (61%) and having a coffee or cup of tea (54%).

If you’re struggling to find the time to read, you could also try listening to audio books through services like Audible, where you can listen to someone read it to you and get similar benefits. Or better yet, combine the above three suggestions and listen to some music with a cup of tea/coffee and read a book for 20 minutes or more a day.

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Please stay safe and take care of both your physical and mental heath too.


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