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6 ways to have a special Easter holiday on a budget

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By Stephanie Yip, shopping expert at Finder

The Easter holiday comes with 4 blissful days off work.

But it can also come with a myriad of spending commitments such as Easter eggs for the kids, dinners with family and friends and quick getaways while the weather is still warm.

The good news is with some careful planning and simple swaps, you can make the holiday a special one without blowing the budget.

1. Trade gifting Easter eggs for an Easter egg hunt

Got a big family? In between the bunnies, the bilbies, the mini eggs and the indulgent hampers, the cost of Easter chocolates can quickly build up.

Instead of gifting everyone personally, why not organise an Easter egg hunt?

You can sprinkle mini eggs around the yard for everyone to find.

On top of being friendlier on the wallet, it makes for a fun afternoon activity for the young and old.

2. Make your family’s Easter holiday dinner a potluck

If you tend to host Easter dinner or have been nominated to host this year, make it easier on yourself and your wallet by suggesting a potluck.

This way everyone can have their favourite dishes on the table and you won’t have to contend with a large grocery bill.

You may have to deal with the washing up, but that’s a future problem.

3. Delay Easter holiday celebrations until Monday

It’s no secret that prices start falling the moment the season is over. That’s why Boxing Day exists, right?

Waiting until Monday could see the cost of Easter eggs, greeting cards, decorations and hampers all fall as stores hustle to move their stock.

4. Go camping

With 4 paid days off (for most of us) and no annual leave lost, Easter is a fantastic excuse to pack up and explore your backyard.

Since it’s autumn, a camping trip could be the way to go. You will skip peak-season flight prices and have the flexibility to play it your own way in terms of budget.

For something low-key, you can book a free or cheap camping spot in a national park and spend the day hiking.

For a little more comfort, holiday parks feature everything you need to keep little ones entertained including pools, playgrounds, outdoor movie nights and skateparks. You can make it as cost-friendly as you need as many holiday parks offer everything from no-frills powered sites to luxury cabins and glamping tents.

5. DIY decorations

Store-bought festive decorations might look fantastic but they can be expensive.

Get creative with decor this year and craft your own decorations. There are loads of free Easter printables on Pinterest that work a treat even if you’re not that creative.

Other ideas include:

  • Sourcing free or cheap decorations from Facebook Marketplace or Gumtree

  • Painting stones for Easter eggs displays and centrepieces

  • Investing in artificial flowers instead of fresh ones (you can use them to decorate your home after)

6. Attend a free activity or event in your area

Over the Easter break free events are everywhere.

Head to libraries and bookstores for free talks and author meet-and-greets. Or, visit your local shopping centre or museum for free activities and workshops for kids. These are often themed so you may even come back with an Easter decoration to add to your home.

A good place to start looking for things to do is your local or city council’s website. Visit the What’s On section, filter by free events and pick whatever tickles your fancy.

Eventbrite is another fantastic resource for events. Click the “Free” tab under your city for events that won’t cost you a cent.