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Furniture loans: Who can help if I have bad credit?

Bad Credit

Many Aussies are faced at some point in their life with having a bad credit report.

Unfortunately, a bad credit report can make it difficult to get finance for up to 5 years, especially from banks who prefer clean credit customers. This can be incredibly disappointing, especially when there is a genuine need for things such as furniture, bond loans and car loans.

At Fair Go Finance, we understand that bad credit can happen to good people. That’s why we still help customers to get a furniture loan or bond loan with bad credit. Here are some scenarios where we’ve been able to assist customers to get cash they need.

1. Getting a personal loan when relationships break down

When a couple separates, it’s inevitable that they will go their separate ways and need to set up again. Separating can often be financially crippling, so having extra cash to purchase replacement furniture is unlikely.

Unfortunately getting divorced/separating is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life and is often a time when a person’s credit report is negatively affected due to missed or late payments on joint debts. If a person does end up with bad credit, finding someone to provide a loan for furniture can prove difficult. At Fair Go Finance, we are able to offer bad credit furniture loans, up to $5,000.

2. Getting a personal loan when moving interstate

Aussies are becoming more and more comfortable with moving all over the country, whether it be for a new job, new relationship or just for a new start. The cost of transporting furniture can be expensive, so many Aussies sell what they have and plan to buy replacement furniture at their new destination.

If their credit report is affected during this busy time, it potentially means they may be declined from banks and store finance providers when looking for furniture and white goods. At Fair Go Finance, we will listen to you, and we will try to understand the reasons behind your bad credit score. Our furniture loan can use to buy new couches, a smart tv or anything you need to set up your home. The choice is yours.

3. Getting a personal loan if you have been bankrupt or have defaults and need new furniture

If you have ever been bankrupt or in a part 1X debt agreement, (as long as it was entered into over 12 months ago), Fair Go Finance can still consider you for a bad credit loan. We can also consider an online application if your bad credit is due to paid or unpaid defaults.

We do have certain limits on number, size and age so if you do know what is listed on your credit report, the best thing you can do is contact us before you make an application, so we can confirm you meet our guidelines for a bad credit loan. If you don’t know what is on your credit report, we suggest you obtain a copy before you consider applying for a loan, so that you make sure you only apply to a lender who can assist with that level of bad debt.

So, how do I apply for a bad credit furniture loan?

At Fair Go Finance, it’s quick and easy.

  1. Apply online. Start your appliance or furniture loan application right now. It only takes a few minutes and can be done from anywhere in Australia.

  2. Accept your offer. If your loan application is approved, you can accept via SMS. Our friendly team will contact you to verify your details over the phone. No printing, signing and scanning required.

  3. Receive your funds. If approved, we’ll transfer the cash straight into your account via real-time funding. If your bank also uses real-time funding, you’ll have access to your funds in minutes, so you can order and pay for your new furniture and appliances straight away

Need more information about a personal loan with Fair Go Finance?

If you would like to know more about our personal loans, or have any questions regarding our bad credit furniture loans, you are most welcome to contact us. We’re here to help and hope we will be able to assist with any of your personal loan needs.