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How Fair Go Finance protects our clients from online fraud

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Updated 4th May 2020

In today’s online society, the dangers of identity fraud and scams are everywhere.

In an effort to keep Aussies safe, the SCAMwatch website, provides ongoing information about the latest scams and how scammers can steal peoples’ personal information like credit card details, tax file numbers and passwords.

At Fair Go Finance, we are also committed to ensuring our customers stay safe, both with their finance needs and protecting their personal information.

Here is what we do to keep you and your personal information safe.

1. Maintain a secure website

When you are on our website, the padlock symbol displayed in the web browser verifies our site is secure and that all of your personal information when you apply for an online loan is securely encoded.

This type of connection prevents anyone from accessing, reading or modifying the data you exchange on our website.

2. We verify your identity

When you apply for an online loan with Fair Go Finance, we verify your identity directly with the identification issuer. We also complete additional security checks to confirm it is you who has legitimately applied for the loan.

3. We provide you with an encrypted Bank Statement Service

To prevent people’s bank statements being stolen and modified, our online application process includes a secure Bank Statement service, which allows you to log directly into your online banking and submit your statements instantly to us. You can find out more about this secure encrypted Bank Statement service here.

4. We keep you updated

At Fair Go Finance we’re dedicated to educating our clients and helping them in any way we can.

We email an informative monthly newsletter, as well as write blogs on relevant topics, so you are kept up to date on what is happening within Fair Go Finance, within the Finance Industry and within Australia.

Here are some additional tips on what you can do to keep your details safe:

  • Make sure your computer is protected with anti-virus and anti-spam software

  • Change passwords regularly

  • Be aware of phishing, which is when fraudsters send an email pretending to be a legitimate company to trick you into revealing your personal details

  • Don’t click on links in emails or on social media messages from people you don’t know, or in texts from unknown numbers

  • Don’t share sensitive information, like online banking details, when using public or other peoples computers

  • Be aware of phone porting. This is when scammers dupe mobile phone providers into transferring the number to a different sim and then intercept online banking passwords.

For more great tips, visit and stay safe.

To apply for a secure, online loan with Fair Go Finance,