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Our Loan Eligibility Estimator is Here

Applying for a Loan

Imagine you could find out how likely you could be approved for a personal loan, before you lodge an application?

It could provide you with some great benefits, such as;

  • You’d save valuable time knowing whether to complete a loan application or not

  • It could help give you the confidence to apply

  • You could avoid a credit enquiry being listed on your credit file if you find out you’re not eligible

And because of these great benefits, we’d now like to introduce you to our brand-new loan tool!

The purpose of our loan Eligibility Estimator tool is to help you quickly find out if you could be eligible for a Fair Go Finance loan and if so, what loan range you could apply for.

We take some of your basic information (such as your name, address, date of birth) and run what is called an Access Seeker on your credit file. This is where we simply find out what your illion credit score is, without it leaving any footprint on your credit file. With this information, we can then provide you with an estimate of what size loan we may be able to offer you – avoiding a loan enquiry being listed on your credit file (which can impact your credit score).

Why Would I Use the Loan Eligibility Estimator:

  1. If you’d like to find out what loan amount you are most likely eligible for with Fair Go Finance.

  2. If you are cautious about submitting a loan application that could further impact your score, (particularly if you know you already have a poor credit rating.)

  3. To give you the confidence to apply if you are feeling unsure.

It’s important to know that our Eligibility Estimator is designed to be a useful guide for you. It will give you a minimum and maximum loan range based primarily on your credit score plus an estimate as to how likely you will be approved for a specific loan amount, compared to our database of customers who have a similar credit score to you.

If you then decide to submit a loan application, our loan assessment will then involve reviewing both your credit report information and your bank statement conduct, which can result in a different final loan outcome, particularly if your bank statements reveal poor bank account conduct.

How Does it Work?

Firstly, you simply use our loan to find out how much you could be eligible to apply for. You will find out within minutes via an email and then, if you would like to apply for a loan, you can move to our .

Our online loan application takes approximately 6 minutes to complete which includes asking you for some information about your income, expenses and to provide your bank statements.

The good news is you won’t need to provide any hard copies of any documents as they can all be submitted securely online. Plus, if your loan is approved, there’s no signing! We will send you an SMS message that has a unique code so you can enter and e-sign your loan contract straight away.

We also use Real-Time Funding which means your funds can be transferred as cleared funds to you. If your bank participates with the platform called Split Payments, you can expect to see your funds in no time at all.

We’re Excited About Our Loan Eligibility Estimator We think this tool will help anyone who wants to understand more about their eligibility before they apply whilst also saving time, protecting their credit file and boosting their application confidence. If you like the sounds of these great benefits, then why wait? Please today!