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Tammy got a bond loan with bad credit

Bad Credit

Tammy needed a bond loan, but because she’d been bankrupt in 2010 her lending ability was restricted. Her search for a bad credit bond loan lead her to Fair Go Finance. She decided to complete the and before long her loan was approved.

“I found the staff very understanding and efficient,” she told us. “The process for borrowing money is also very simple and you are one of the only places that I have been able to find that will borrow to bankrupts.”

At Fair Go Finance we understand that people can get into difficult situations that cause them to have a bad credit. Fair Go Finance’s Bad Credit Loan product will suit you if you have one or more of the following:

  • Paid Defaults

  • Unpaid Defaults

  • Bankruptcy or Part IX Debt Agreements (where you entered into bankruptcy more than 12 months ago)

More Information About Bad Credit Loan’s with Fair Go Finance:

  1. It is a personal loan up to $10,000.

  2. It has flexible repayment terms to suit you.

  3. It can be the first step towards re-establishing your credit history. Need up to $10,000?