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What Is Pet Insurance and What Does It Cover?

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Pet Insurance is a health insurance for pets. There are many different pet insurance providers in Australia, with different premium options, so it’s important to research and find the one that suits you and your pets’ needs the most. Pet insurance can help cover vet bills that happen either unexpectedly from accidental injury or sickness, or other general pet needs such as vaccinations, but it does depend on the type of cover you choose.

How much is pet insurance?

Like with humans’ health insurance, pet insurance depends on many factors, including age, type of pet and what type of coverage you want. Here are two examples to provide a rough guide:

Cat – 5 years old. Unspecified breed.  Accident cover only –  $140 per year Accident and illness cover – $340 per year Comprehensive cover – $430 per year

Dog – 5 years old. Unspecified breed.    Accident cover only – $185 per year Accident and illness cover – $758 per year Comprehensive cover – $850 per year As a guide, the bigger the animal, the more expensive the pet insurance will be.

Why should I consider pet insurance?

Unfortunately there are many situations where pet owners can be faced with vet bills in the thousands. By paying for pet insurance with a loan or savings can give the pet owner some reassurance they can receive help towards the bill (if it is covered in the policy). Here is an example: VET BILL   – $1000 OWNERS EXCESS PAYMENT – $200 INSURER PROVIDES – $800

Can I get a loan to pay for pet insurance?

Yes. At Fair Go Finance, we understand how expensive pets can be and that sometimes you don’t have enough saved. We have cash loans from $500 to $5,000 you can apply for, to help cover your pet insurance premium.

Can I get a loan for other pet expenses?

Yes. At Fair Go Finance we also know there can be insurance excesses, maximum claim amounts or events/illnesses that are not covered by the insurance. That is why our easy application can be used for pet insurance, vet bills or for any other expense related to pets.