Top 5 gifts for Valentines Day from $50 to $5,000

Well the Christmas trees have been put back in the shed, the kids are back to school and can you believe it? Easter eggs are already in the supermarkets!

But hang on, before the year spins totally out of control we all need to stop and remember that it’s Valentines Day on the 14th of February!

If you have suddenly realised that there is only a few days before ‘yours truly’ will be anxiously waiting to see if you have remembered, here’s a little helping hand to cover all budgets!


Yep, this one is getting tougher each year given how expensive things are! But if you are on a really tight budget, then the key is to ramp up the “romance” so your loved one is so overwhelmed by your passion they actually don’t go down the whole “I wonder how much it cost” thought process!

Whether you are a guy or girl, put on your memory cap and think of all the things your partner cherishes and enjoys. For example, does she love champagne? Does she love a certain song at the moment? Is there a place you have both been that you had one of those “amazing” times together? Well, piece them all together, throw in a poem if you can and you will be having an amazing picnic that has cost next to nothing!

BELOW $100

OK…for girl pressies this is an easy one! Pretty much all girls love a luxury manicure and pedicure! There are lots of beauty packages out there guys so if you don’t know a place she loves to go, try and look up one that is close by and looks more like a day spa that a sweat shop!

If your girl doesn’t like this type of thing, then you will always win with some perfume, especially if you give her a romantic story of how you felt this one in particular captures exactly the essence of your love for her!

Now for the guys, again, it’s pretty easy. Most guys love some form of sport so don’t feel bad in buying a box of impressive golf balls, new running shoes, tennis gear, whatever floats their boat!

If they aren’t a sports fan, then here is a definite winner. Either a remote control helicopter, car or boat. For some reason everyone is drawn to wanting to use the remote! Yes, these may not be particularly romantic…but if you know your guy well enough you will know whether he will appreciate these more than a male day spa facial.

 BELOW $200

For Girls: Some beautiful classy underwear always makes a girl feel extra beautiful, so guys, please don’t go cheap, make sure it is in keeping with what your girl loves.

For Guys: Most guys have a particular band/group that they have worshiped all their life. Do some research and if they have a concert coming up why not book a few tickets and it can be something he can really look forward to.

two hands making a heart shape

 BELOW $400

For Girls: Now this one is a bomb!!!! If your girl loves shoes, this one is going to make you a very popular guy. There are now shoe manufactures in the world that actually let woman design and create their own perfect shoes! One such company is called Milk and Honey Shoes. They are online and you can arrange a gift card so your beautiful girl can have fun designing her own funky footwear! Quirk huh!

For Guys: If your guy enjoys his music why not get him a new portable music player. There are so many to choose from that can operate via Bluetooth using your guys phone – and they will love how they can take it out to the b.b.q when they are cooking, listen to it in the bathroom or even take it away when you go on a romantic weekender!

 BELOW $5,000

Yes, this is a lot of money! Given it’s Valentines Day though, you really can’t go past the traditional romantic gesture of proposing. Don’t obviously just do it if it hasn’t already been playing on your mind, but if you have been struggling to work out when is the right time – well this is a pretty good one and easy to remember the date!

Guys, you are traditionally the proposer, so make sure you have subtly got an idea of what your girl likes in an engagement ring…there’s nothing worse when the girl doesn’t like it!

Girls, if you have the cash and don’t necessarily want to propose, why not consider booking that dream holiday destination your guy has always wanted to go to? Whether it’s a particular land mark, sporting venue, or even where one if his favourite entertainers may be performing, why not blow him away and show him how much you really care.

Well, we hope we have given you some great ideas as to what you can get for your Valentine! If you have been inspired, but know that you haven’t got enough saved, then we would love to help you out! At Fair Go Finance we can lend you anything from $500 to $10,000 with a Valentines Day loan and we make sure the repayments are easily affordable for you.

So, why wait? Apply now and you could have a conditional approval as soon as you have hit the submit button! Happy Valentines Day!

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