Discuss your loan repayments

Discuss your loan repayments

We encourage all our customers to contact us if their situation changes during the life of a loan so that the repayments can be adjusted if appropriate.

In fact, when a customer’s situation changes and they proactively contact us to reduce the repayments and future payments are made, this behaviour is viewed positively.

The alternative of a customer ignoring, ambitiously or overly optimistically retaining the current repayments and missing payments, thereby incurring Dishonour Fees, is more damaging to their credit history.

If you have missed a payment, please don’t hesitate to contact us or manage your repayments here.

To discuss your current repayments please call us on 1300 324 746 (1300 FAIRGO).

Are you eligible to apply?

  • I am 18 years or older
  • I have not entered into bankruptcy or part 9 agreement within the last 12 months
  • I am willing to provide my Bank Statements online
Please note: Bank statements can only be submitted via our secure online service.