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Bad Credit Loans can give a second chance to people with a bad credit history!

Bad Credit

Lee, in New South Wales applied for a bad credit loan to remove her household possessions from storage.

She needed the cash to quickly move to her new residence. Because Lee didn’t have a perfect credit history she for a bad credit loan with Fair Go Finance. Lee declared bankruptcy when her business failed and after that she founded it difficult to obtain personal finance.

Lee told us; “”I found Fair Go Finance to be very professional, efficient and fast. No long delays, and most importantly, non-judgemental of my past circumstances. After having a very bad financial year last year, I am well on my way to recovery, and Fair go Finance took all of this into account.”

Many people in Australia get bad credit history when their businesses fail. After that, it can be very hard for them to obtain personal loans. The good news is Fair Go Finance is willing to help and give them a second chance. Learn more about our bad credit loans and how they may help you.