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What can I do if I have missed payments?

Bad Credit

One Missed Payment

Make A One Off Payment

You can directly transfer what you owe. This can be done by online banking or a direct deposit at Westpac:

Our bank account details are:


BSB: 036-157


Please use your loan number as the reference.

Authorise Us To Direct Debit Your Account

You can e-mail us or click on the link below, and we’ll be in touch to arrange the debit from your account.

Click here to organise your payment.

Make A Reduced Payment

If you can’t make the full payment, please try and make a reduced payment. Simply click on the link below to nominate the amount you’d like to pay.

Click here to organise your payment.

Two of more payments missed

Transfer Outstanding Amount

If you have enough to clear all of your arrears, you can do a direct transfer (details above) or arrange a direct debit through us to help get you back on track.

Increase Your Remaining Payments

If your income is back on track, or you’ve had a pay increase, you’re welcome to increase your remaining payments. This will mean your loan will be repaid on time, or even early! You can either call us on 1300 324 746, e-mail us at or click the below link to arrange this.

Click here to organise your payment.

What are the benefits of getting your loan back on track?

Avoid A Dishonour

By getting your loan back on track quickly can mean you can avoid dishonours on your bank account. Having dishonours on your account can make it much harder to get a new loan.

Avoid A Late Payment Fee

A $35 late payment fee can be avoided by clearing your outstanding amount within 7 days.

Maintain Your Credit Rating With Us

By getting your loan back in order as soon as possible will allow us to look more favourably at approving any future loans for you.

Any Effort To Repay Is Well Regarded

Please know, that by contacting us and making even a reduced payment will show us you have good intent and we (as do other lenders) will always acknowledge and reward this behaviour.