Debt Consolidation Loan Online , NSW

Katie, in New South Wales, needed a debt consolidation loan with Fair Go Finance to get her finances back in order. 

Katie applied online and told us: 

I have borrowed from many lenders and have found Fair Go to be the easiest to get a loan with, quickest to put money in my account and always very friendly people on the other end of the line.”  

The Benefits of a Debt consolidation loan with Fair Go Finance are:

  • You only have to worry about one payment instead of numerous ones.
  • By adding all your loans together, you can actually reduce your monthly payments.
  • You can protect your credit rating.

Come and learn more about our debt consolidation loans and how they can help you.  

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"Smooth process - transparent and honest quotes and an extremely helpful web application. Awesome staff on the phone also"

Paul, February 2016