Easy Small Loan in NSW for Hospital Fees

Amy, from East Gosford in N.S.W, had a costly bill from her son’s stay at hospital. No parent ever wants their child in hospital, so it was a double blow for Amy now having to be faced with expensive hospital fees. Amy applied online with Fair Go Finance, as she had previously had a loan through us, and was happy with her previous experience. She once again had her loan approved, and was able to clear the outstanding bill. 

Amy told us, “Your Company has always come through for me when I really needed the help and when others wouldn’t. Your company has made my life less stressful financially. It has always been a fast and easy process.”

One of the benefits of being an existing client with Fair Go Finance is that we reward our loyal clients with a discount on their establishment fees & the interest rate, through Our Mates Rates Program. If you are a first time applicant to Fair Go Finance, here are some important benefits of our small loans:

▪   Loan applications take as little as five minutes online

▪   Conditional approval is provided instantly (upon completion of application)

▪   Funds are transferred instantly and appear in your bank account within 24 hours (upon approval of application)

▪   Flexible repayment terms designed to suit your individual circumstances

Come and learn more about our small loans and how they may help you to move forward. 

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"Your process of securing a loan was very easy and made me feel very comfortable. The communication was fantastic! Thank you again for the work you do!"

Amy, May 2017