How do I send in my supporting documents when applying for a loan with Fair Go Finance


The documents you'll need to provide when applying for a loan with Fair Go Finance are:

Confirmation of your identification and address by sending a copy of:

  • Your drivers licence OR medicare card
  • A utility bill, (gas, electricity, telephone) OR rent receipt confirming your address

Confirmation of your income and expenditure by sending a copy of:

  • A recent pay slip
  • Bank statements showing your name and address as the account holder (3 most recent months)

Confirmation of the security you are offering (only if you are buying or using a vehicle as security):

  • Vehicles registration papers 

During our online application, you will have the chance to use:

  • our free bank statement service to provide your statements
  • an upload button to provide a copy of one payslip 
  • an upload button to provide a copy of any centrelink payments (if this forms part of your acceptable income from centrelink)

But if you are don't provide these during the application stage, you can:

How do I provide my bank statements using my online banking?

 If you have online banking, you can send your recent 3 months transactions by email, following these simple steps:

1. Login to your online banking

2. Access your transaction history

3. Take enough print screens to cover 12 weeks of transaction history 

(We can only accept documents in the format of pdf, jpg & png. We can’t accept csv.)

4. Attach the print screens to an email and send it to

What is a print screen and how to take them?

A print screen is a command that lets you take a “photograph” of whatever is showing on your screen. So if you have on your screen your transaction history, you can take a “photo” of it and send it to us.

How do I take a print screen?

In most keyboards there is a key called PrtScn or PRTSC:

1. Press that key

2. Open a word document and press ALT + PRTSCN ( or PRTSC) – this will copy that photo on to the word document.

3. After you paste all the necessary print screens you can save the word document, attach it to an email and send it to

If you have any queries at all, please call us on 1300 324 746 - we are here to help!

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