Lydia gets a holiday cash loan in NSW

Everyone dreams of a white Christmas, but for Lydia from NSW, she decided to make her European dream a reality. She started to look for a cash loan to help pay for her trip, but because she had only been in her job for less than three months, it was proving very difficult. Fortunately Lydia decided to apply for a cash loan online with Fair Go Finance, and before she knew it, the conditional approval for $3,000 was texted to her mobile.

Lydia said “the service was extremely customer friendly and the responses were more than steadfast!”

If you need a fast cash loan through Fair Go Finance to help to pay for a dream trip or holiday come and learn more about how we may be able to help your dream come true.     

Benefits of a cash loan with Fair Go Finance are:


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"Very easy to deal with and very helpful!"

Benjamin, January 2017