Quick cash loan for car repairs in South Coogee, NSW

No one ever wants to hear they need major car repairs. If we are lucky to have some cash in the bank we want to use it for something satisfying, like a holiday or to buy something exciting! So when Stella, from South Coogee, was told she needed some major work done on her car, she decided she would rather borrow the money and pay for the repairs using a quick cash loan. Fortunately for Stella, she had already used Fair Go Finance in the past, which meant she could go online and apply for the loan via the super quick “existing client” section. The online loan application took less than two minutes and she was guaranteed fast service.

Stella happily filled out our satisfaction survey and said, “the customer service is of high quality and everyone I have dealt with over the years has been very professional! They are very helpful during the process and very nice to deal with.”

Existing clients of Fair Go Finance enjoy multiple benefits including:  express service on their loan applications, discounts on their establishment fees and interest rates through the ‘Mates Rates Program’, flexible repayments and many more. If you are an existing client of Fair Go Finance, make sure you make the most of the express processing we offer, or if you are a new customer reading our blog, why not consider using Fair Go Finance when you need a quick cash loan? That’s what we are here for and love to help everyone we can!

Find out more about our quick cash loans If you are an existing client and would like an express existing client loan, click here.

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"Smooth process - transparent and honest quotes and an extremely helpful web application. Awesome staff on the phone also"

Paul, February 2016