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Is a pet loan the same as pet insurance?

The short answer to this question is no, but one can certainly help with the other. Why? Because pet loans can be used to help pay for the cost of pet insurance plus any other expenses associated with pets.

Pet loans – what are they?

A pet loan is a personal loan, taken out over a specific term and completely repaid.

Your repayments will stay the same for the entire loan, so you can budget for the repayment, unlike a credit card whose repayment can change depending on new debits, interest and fees.

Pet loans are becoming increasingly more common and can help with pet expenses such as:

  • Purchase of a pet
  • Setting up a pet’s new home (e.g. bed, bowls, cages, food etc.)
  • Vet expenses and bills
  • Pet insurance
  • Travel/pet relocation costs
  • Pet funerals etc.

At Fair Go Finance, we have seen the need for pet loans grow and grow.

From pet operations to pet insurance, from snake tanks to a child’s first pet, we have been able to help out customers who haven’t had the cash, but needed a personal loan to help with a pet expense.

We’ve also been able to help pet owners who have bad credit and therefore needed to find a bad credit pet loan. We’re able to provide pet loans from $500 up to $10,000, something worth considering as opposed to maxing out a credit card and getting stuck with an ongoing debt.

Pet insurance- what does it cover?

Pet insurance can help cover a number of vet expenses that may occur during your pets life.

It can partly or fully cover certain veterinarian treatments for an injured pet, but just like our own health policies, there are many different pet insurance providers with different cover levels and exclusions.

When getting a pet, pet insurance is highly recommended by vets. By having it, a vet bill of $1,200 could be reduced to something like $200 with the balance being covered by the pet insurance.

It effectively can prevent you from being hit by a massive bill which is hard to repay. Unfortunately it doesn’t cover EVERY possible situation, so it’s important that when you take out pet insurance you read the policy and understand its limitations.

How do I apply for a pet loan?

If you need a pet loan, Fair Go Finance may be able to assist.

Our application process is all online, so all you need to do is complete our online application (available on most devices) and if conditionally approved, send in a few supporting documents for the final assessment.

It’s quick and if your pet loan is formally approved, your funds will be deposited into your bank account that same day.

Pet’s are known for many wonderful benefits such as unconditional love, companionship and joy. Just like kids, they can certainly be expensive, but by taking out pet insurance and knowing there are pet loans available in the event of an unexpected expense, what possible reason could you give for not wanting a furry friend of your own? Or slithering one, swimming one, flying one….

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