Cash loan to buy a car in NSW

When Emma needed an extra $2,000 to buy her new car, she applied online with Fair Go Finance for a Cash Loan.

After the cash loan application Emma got an instant pre-approval which gave her an indication of the amount she was pre-approved for. She had already put a deposit on the car so it was nice to know that the cash loan could help her complete the money that she needed to buy her new car. Emma didn’t have a perfect credit file, but that didn’t stop her getting the cash loan - Fair Go Finance caters for people with good and bad credit. After the application process, Emma got the cash that she needed to close the sale and she was able to drive away in her new car.

Emma told us; “Fair Go Finance gave me a chance to make a good impact on my credit file. The staff were understanding and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about applying with less than a perfect credit file."

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"Good company easy to deal with and willing to give a fair go."

Troy, January 2017