Cash Loan to get Over the Christmas Hump of Bills in NSW

Deirdre, from NSW, suddenly had a pile of bills and Christmas expenses that needed to be paid for. She wanted to find a quick cash loan so she could get the money as fast as possible to pay all the outstanding bills and accounts on time. Deidre applied for a quick cash loan with Fair Go Finance, and was very pleased when she was instantly told her loan had been conditionally approved. The cash was deposited into her nominated account within a few days, which enabled her to be able to pay all of her accounts and bills when they were due.

She said of Fair Go Finance, “they were very helpful and I had a pleasant representative. It was good follow up and I was very happy to have received the loan.” If you need a quick cash loan to help pay a pile of bills, come and learn how Fair Go Finance can help you.   

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"Amazing customer service!"

Arshileigha , January 2017