Cash loan to pay bills in Castle Hill, NSW

Douglas, from NSW, had a number of bills he needed to pay but just didn’t have enough cash to cover them. He didn’t want them to fall overdue, so decided he should look around and find a cash loan that could help him pay the bills on time.  Douglas discovered Fair Go Finance by doing an online search and after reading a number of the testimonials regarding successful cash loans for bills, he decided to immediately apply. Douglas was approved for his loan, and before he knew it the cash was in his account. 

“You gave me a chance and supplied me much needed cash when I needed it.” Said Douglas when we asked what he thought of our process.

Fair Go Finance offers cash loans from $500 to $10,000 for a wide range of personal reasons. Many clients of Fair Go Finance apply for a cash loan because they love the simple process and speed at which they have the money in their account. Cash loans at Fair Go Finance cater for people with good and bad credit. Learn more about how our range of personal loans may help you move forward. 

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"Easy to apply, fast approval & flexible repayments."

Ryan, January 2017