Cash Loans for Tyres & Holiday in Peak Crossing, QLD

Shane wanted to take his car on a long driving holiday, but firstly he needed to make his car roadworthy and put on four new tyres. Shane discovered the cost of new tyres and his estimates for the holiday expenses meant he would need a cash loan to help him pay for it all.  He worked out exactly how much he needed, then jumped online and applied for a cash loan through Fair Go Finance. He was rapt when he got his instant notification that the personal loan was conditionally approved. 

“It was very easy and no hassles!” he told us when we asked what he thought of the whole online process.

What are the benefits of a cash loan with Fair Go Finance?

  • You will get an instant outcome;
  • You will instantly be given an indication of the loan and repayment amounts;
  • You DON’T have to fax your cash loan contract;
  • You will instantly be told what documents you need to send in to support your application;
  • The funds will be instantly transferred to your nominated account following final approval.

Cash Loans at Fair Go Finance are catered for people with good and bad credit. Come and learn more about our personal loans whether you have good credit or not. 

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"Amazing customer service, fast response and no hassle!"

Natalie , January 2017