Christmas Cash Loan in NSW

Paul from New South Wales wanted to buy his son a motorbike for Christmas but didn't have enough savings.

He decided to apply online with Fair Go Finance for a cash loan and instantly received a conditional approval. Cash Loans for Christmas are a great idea for those who don’t have enough cash, but can comfortably afford monthly repayments. For Paul, he faxed through his supporting documents and had the funds in his account to pay for his son’s Christmas present. At Fair Go Finance we offer secured and unsecured loans. A secured loan is usually used to buy an asset such as a car or a motorbike. Some of the benefits of a secured loan with Fair Go Finance are:

  • We’ll provide finance for 100% of the purchase price (up to $10,000).
  • You can buy privately or through a car yard.
  • You can obtain pre-approval if you don’t know the exact car or motorbike  you want to buy and so you know how much you have got to spend.
  • Faster approvals and larger personal loan amounts: If you already own a car or motorbike, offering it as security on the loan will strengthen your application and help get your loan approved quicker and possibly for a larger amount too.  

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"Very helpful and friendly!"

Andrew, November 2016