Considering a cash loan for Christmas?

Christmas is a wonderful time for those Aussies that celebrate it, but sadly it is also the most common reason that people fall into unexpected debt. The majority of Aussies will overspend, despite their best efforts, due to the culminating costs of decorations, cards, food, presents and impulse last minute shopping.

In an effort to stop this from happening to you, we have pulled an old but wise chestnut out from the drawer. Why not set your entire budget, obtain a cash loan to cover the cost, and then do as much online shopping as possible to hopefully prevent those impulse purchases! Here are 3 clear reasons why this makes great sense! Thanks chestnut!!

1. A Cash Loan prevents your Credit Card from being pushed to its limit

It is far too easy to keep pulling out the credit card without keeping an accurate idea of how much you have spent. Consequently when the bill arrives, it is a terrible shock and often you don’t have enough money to repay it. The snow ball now starts to roll as large interest charges blow your debt out even further, and you find yourself unable to even meet the minimum repayments. This spiral is very hard to get out of and one you definitely want to avoid.

2. A Cash Loan means manageable repayments

By using a cash loan to pay for your Christmas expenses, it means you will be in complete control. You will know exactly how much you have borrowed, how much your repayments are (which are structured to ensure they are affordable and manageable for you) and exactly when it will be fully repaid.

3. A Cash Loan for Christmas expenses leaves cash or credit cards for unexpected costs.

With your Christmas costs taken care of, now if any of those nasty unexpected costs occur like car repairs, medical expenses, utility bills etc. you will still have either some limit available on your credit card or even savings available to clear these.

So, if you have ever been caught out before with a huge looming credit card debt after Christmas, you will know exactly how stressful and overwhelming it is each month when you receive that demanding statement. Not a great way to start the New Year! By being organized and obtaining a cash loan from Fair Go Finance you can forget the stress, knowing that a manageable monthly repayment will automatically be drawn from your bank account in line with your salary deposit. There’s only 6 weeks to go until Christmas but still plenty of time to apply online, if you feel a cash loan would suitable for you. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!

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"Good customer service, especially response times. This is the second time I have applied for a loan with FGF and both experiences have been remarkable. Thankyou!"

Narelle, February 2017